Welcome to ADE-Scheduler’s documentation !

This documentation is here to help contributors understanding how the project is built.



To setup your ADE Scheduler project locally, we recommend you to follow our Setup tutorial.


  • Tutorials


This section contains many tutorials on how ADE Scheduler is built and how to run the project on your local machine.

  • Backend


This module implements all the computationally intensive and complex functions, in a more or less optimized manner, in order to provide complete services to end users.

  • Views


This module makes the interface between the backend and the frontend. All requests are handled by this module.


This module contains all the command-line tools built to interact with ADE-Scheduler’s data such database statistics.

Contributor Guide

We really encourage people who want to contribute in any way to do so ! There are many ways to help us:

  • Pointing a problem

  • Asking for a new feature

  • Fixing a problem

  • Adding language translations

  • Fixing typos in the code

and so on…

Please take a look at our Contribution tutorials.

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